Pliable; Flat
Seminar Work, Fall 2015

                Pliable advocates for the immediacy of material investigations and fabrication in architecture — working directly with fabric (natural and synthetic) as a primary material type using an array of seaming techniques (manual and machine sewing, heat and pressure welding).


                Sewing is a specific fabrication technique that offers connection, transition, structure, and ornament between and upon material surfaces. Stitches and seams have the capacity to both organize and express the relationship between material components.

Model Photo

                The second bag design foregrounds and investigates the potential of a “flat” graphic surface as an active and independent agent superimposed upon a three-dimensional form. Starting with a flat graphic surface of orthogonal grid constructed through multiple methods, including varying stitching techniques, the bag tries to incorporate both methods in creating a pattern through the depth of space with a certain level of flexibility.

                Each volume taking its own form and identity, and yet tied to each other due to formal repetition, the bag as a whole creates a coherent image.

Model Photo