Deok Kyu Chung

Studio Work / 2014
Prof. Gordon Wittenberg


The San Antonio River Walk is a city park and network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River. It is part of the urban fabric with an exciting yet unclear relationship with the rest of the city. In most cases, transitions spaces or thresholds between the two fabrics are abrupt. Visitors first see flat walls without much expectation and suddenly face the river through thresholds only realized by street signs.

Ground Floor Plan

Section 1

To offer a new way to experience transitional spaces, the design hopes to use the threshold as an opportunity to create a memorable connection between the river and the city and architecture.



Unlike in most cases where buildings further supplement the boundary between interior and exterior, the design proposes to create thresholds by and within architecture, blurring the boundary.

First Floor Plan

Section 2

Model Photo

The primary threshold is at the center of the site, bounded by the two buildings. Visitors instantly engage with the site as the topography slowly slopes towards the river.

Second Floor Plan

Section 3


Walking through the threshold, visitors will slowly see more of the river, visually and audibly. The experience will be further highlighted by reflective walls that bound the space.



The building itself will function as a threshold that connects once separated conditions in the site, for example, interior and exterior, San Antonio, and the River Walk.

Model Photo